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Hi, welcome to Reading Success Academy, I’m Paula Smith. In this video I’m going to share with you how you can get your child reading on grade level in 60 days or less. If your child is reading below grade level it is probably affecting her entire educational experience. As a parent, its painful to watch your child struggle, especially with something as important as his education. Whether your child is preparing for Kindergarten or your child’s teacher has reported that your child is reading below grade level, I can help.

My comprehensive online course includes a basic code and advanced code course combined so you have a complete comprehensive program. This is the program I use to get elementary and middle school kids on grade level in 12 clinical hours or less so if you are committed to setting aside time to supervise your child in front of the computer, you too can get fast results. This is a start from scratch approach so if your child still needs to learn the sounds of the letters or if they need word attack skills, comprehension, or multi-syllable work, this program covers it all.

Even if you think you can’t work with your own child, or you know nothing about teaching reading, you and your child can succeed with this program because I do most of the work for you. This course is different from others because all lessons are taught direct to camera by a real teacher so your child can interact with the lessons with minimal parent supervision. You can assist your child with no prior training or expertise in reading instruction.

Don’t have time to assist your child yourself? Not a problem, because once you’re enrolled any supportive adult or responsible teen can help your child by accessing the parent support resources. The step by step directions and coaching tools make it easy for a babysitter, grandparent or teenage sibling to assist the student. And if your child needs to go back and review any past lessons, he simply needs to find it in the menu and click play.

Normally I charge $40 an hour for my private tutoring service in order to keep the cost as reasonable as possible for families. Most tutors charge closer to $50 an hour with similar qualifications to mine. Now with this online course, I can reach an unlimited number of students keeping the cost much more reasonable. In order to get the same results as this course you would have to pay for 20 hours of private tutoring, which would put you at a minimum of $600. Now that may not be uncomfortable for your family, but if you’re family is anything like mine, you’ll find that the cost is not just financial.

I have 3 children and I am so glad that one is driving now because I feel like a full time chauffeur driving to dance lessons, soccer practice, diving practice and school activities. Do you have time to plug in an extra after school appointment for your child every week for the next 20 weeks? How much is your time worth? Most families will do whatever it takes to get the help they need but wouldn’t it be nice to get that help at home when its convenient for you and your child?

My online course allows you the flexibility to have your child complete the course during his or her regularly scheduled homework time. Can you set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day, three to five days a week? If so, your child could be reading on grade level in 8 weeks or less!

So you may be wondering, who are you and what makes you think you can get these results so fast? Well, I hold a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, i’m a certified elementary teacher in the state of Missouri, I have six years of classroom teaching experience in several different grade levels, including middle school, and I’m a certified reading therapist through read america. I’ve done private tutoring for over six years using the Phono-graphix method which is the one I use in this online course. I’ve been able to get my tutoring clients up to grade level in 12 clinical hours or less. You can find out more about the method I use by visiting Read america.net.

After years of struggling as a teacher to get my low level students up to grade level, I chose to train directly with the creators of Phono-graphix because I was determined to find a better way to teach reading. With as few as three clinical hours, I’ve been able to get young readers on grade level and equip them with the word attack skills they need to continue to progress on their own.

I’ve had students go from hating school, especially reading, to choosing big chapter books to challenge themselves with. Aside from the essential skill of learning to read, my students build self confidence and they learn to set learning goals for themselves. Moving from one level to another becomes a personal challenge instead of a battle against teachers and parents. Although Reading Success Academy is not a private one-on-one experience, the value of becoming personally responsible for one’s own learning is embedded into the lessons.

When I’ve shared my plans for this reading program with friends and colleagues they expected me to be charging at least $900 for the program. With access to the course 24/7 and access to me through Facebook and the Q & A forum you have expert advice at your fingertips for the next three years! How do you begin to put a price on that? Well I had to put a price on it and I priced it in a way that as many students as possible can take advantage of this program.

The program includes a total of 20 hours of video lessons with downloadable pdfs, hands on manipulatives, a testing component and parent support. This is at a minimum, $900 worth of content and support materials for a one time fee of $297. This program is accessible to you for three years so if you enroll for your Kindergartener now, you will have access to the course to provide support as your child moves through elementary school. If at the end of the three years you need access extended, just contact me and I will work that out with you.

If you commit to the program and really make a concentrated effort to make time to do the lessons on a regular basis you really shouldn’t need the program for more than three months. So why do I provide 3 years? Its there for the struggling student now and for review and follow up if he/she needs it in the future. Its also there for younger siblings so depending on how many kids you have this could be a “buy one get one, or two, or more free!”. Updates and supplementary materials will be added as needed based on parent feedback because I’m here to support you every step of the way.

You are also supported by a private Facebook group that’s just for parents of children enrolled in the program. The private group is a great way to exchange experiences with the program and to ask me questions. And did I mention yet that the course is mobile friendly? Yep, the entire course can be accessed on any smart phone or tablet, as well as a desktop or laptop. And just to give you further peace of mind, I want you to know that I stay up on all the latest technology so when new platforms or services are introduced, I will do my best to update the course to match whatever devices come available.

Ok, so I’m practically giving this away but I’m driven to provide as much value to you as possible. If you do some research you’ll find that traditional learning centers can cost anywhere from 5,000 to $12,00 for their programs that go on for over a three year period. I recall having a private tutoring student who was still under contract with a national learning center. The student came to me because he was not getting the results he needed from the learning center. So his parents were paying my tutoring fee on top of the learning center’s fee! I just wouldn’t sleep well at night if I were accepting someone’s money and not helping them get results!

So if your child is struggling in reading, or you want supplemental instruction so that your child doesn’t start to fall behind, this is the program for you. Every day that goes by without getting help, is another day of falling further behind in school. Act now before the problem becomes overwhelming. With a brief 30 to 60 day commitment your child’s reading problem can be a thing of the past.

Look, I’ve seen the look in both parents and their child’s faces when the parent gets to the point where he or she feels that a special extra curricular activity has to be dropped in order to focus on bringing up grades. Time and financial commitments make it difficult to do both. When that choice is made, the child resents the learning process even more because they had to give up their favorite activity to do more of something they don’t like. With Reading Success Academy, the lessons can be done according to your schedule.

My mission is to help struggling readers get back on grade level as quickly as possible so they can fully enjoy school, reading, and lifelong learning. I strive to empower parents with the tools they need to help their child at home with no special training. My passion is to help families enjoy more of their time together through reading and not spending hours on homework every night.

So are you asking yourself how this will work in your household? Will it be difficult to get your child on board? Through my blog and parent resource videos I provide powerful advice that will help you set up the best learning environment for you child, and how to get your child to buy in to the process. I do my best in the videos to make the lessons powerful, interactive, and brief. I do not spend a lot of time entertaining in the videos. I feel that learning to read is a serious undertaking and I do serious work on camera to help your child. There are no cartoon characters and I don’t talk in a sugary sweet preschool teacher voice. I introduce the lesson, we dig in and we get done as quickly as possible. I value your child’s play time by making the work time more efficient. I teach just like I would to a traditional classroom, minus the distractions of classroom life.

So is this for you? This is for parents who will commit to schedule 15-30 minutes a day 3-5 days a week to supervise or have someone supervise their children in front of the computer or mobile device. Parents need to be willing to set up supplies and to arrange for someone to be in earshot of the student in order to ensure the child is interacting appropriately with the lessons. This is not for the parent who thinks that plopping their child down in front of “educational” television is the best way to prepare them for Kindergarten. This is not for children who expect the program to be like a video game or to be entertained by the lessons. This is for parents and students who want results and are willing to put forth a little effort to get them.

So you have a paint by numbers program that can be finished within two months with great results and you don’t have to break the bank to enroll. You and your child can even get started today! Your one time payment for this course is $297, that’s it. No extra testing or consultation fee, just $297 and the comprehensive program is yours to work through at your own pace. The program is available to you to complete anytime within the next three years so if your oldest child completes it and your younger child wants to learn too, its available to him or her as well.

By now I’m sure you see that this is a great opportunity at a great price! Your next step is to click one of the purple buttons below this video to enroll in the course. Once you fill out the enrollment, I’ll meet you on the other side in the members area to step you through how to get started. I can’t wait to work with you and your child. 
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