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How about a FREE course for you?  Let us help you help your child with a free video course!  Click here to go to the course*.
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Parent Resources

Need more information about the method I use?  Click the button below to go to the Phono-Graphix website.

Whether you need guidance on how to teach your child to read, or want to understand more about the method I use in my clinical and online sessions, check out my blog by clicking the purple button below:

RSA blog

Best Practices Summary on video...

Not a big fan of reading blogs?  No problem!  I have a summary of several of my blog posts in this video: Three Mistakes to Avoid While Teaching Your Child to Read.  Grab your popcorn; its 12 minutes long but full of solid and surprising information for you!

Would you like to see a sample lesson?

This sample lesson is from the Intermediate Level Course that is included in both the Basic Code Course and the Comprehensive Course.  This is an auditory processing lesson which is one of the three basic skills for learning to read.  
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